International Exchanges

TAKARA is engaged in social contribution activities in areas focusing on human interaction, such as international exchange, as well as in the field of culture and art, to provide safety and security of water and air and fulfill its corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a good corporate citizen for the development of a healthy society and the future of our planet. As a private company, we wish to be able contribute to resolving issues in regions and countries with which TAKARA has connections.


Vietnam Festa in KANAGAWA

We did a second year’s attendance to Vietnam Festa in KANAGAWA held from September 6-9th. This Festa has been held every year since 2015 in order to enhance the mutual understanding and relationship between  Kanagawa and Vietnam,and to extend exchanges in multiple fields for the future. This year the representative of TAKARA Group attend the executive committee of the festival as the Vice Chairman of Da Nang University of Architecture, and we took part in the festival in a variety of fields.     Gala Dinner Our Vietnamese staff served as Vietnamese MC.      Opening Ceremony…


Saitama × Myanmar Water Festival

Tsurugashima-City, Saitama is a village for Myanmar team at 2020 Tokyo Olympic . Tsurugashima has a traditional event called “Suneori Amagoi(脚折雨乞)”, a country-selected  intangible folk culture asset,  in which the citizens pray for rain.  In the New Year of Myanmar(April), having the meaning of washing one year’s dirt and welcoming the new year, Water Festivals called “Thingyan” are held all over the country. In September 1st, we cooperated in the Water Festival held in Tsurugashima fusing Tsurugashima’s traditional event and Myanmar’s nation-wide event, on the purpose of interchaging between the citizens and Myanmar’s Olympic team on a…


the 17th Japan Festival in Hoi An (movie)

 We took part in the 17th Japan Festival in Hoi An held for 3 days from AUG 9-11th. This was the 3rd year’s cooperation for us. See the movie of our activities in the festival. (language: Japanese and Vietnamese) Music:     Opening Ceremony The Opening Ceremony was broadcast live across the Quang Nam province celebrating the 20th anniversary year of Hoian resistered as the world living heritage and the 400th anniversary of the marriage of Araki Sotaro , a Nagasaki’s merchant in Edo Era and a Vietnamese Princess. They gave our representative commendation…


EARTH HOUR -an event sharing thoughts for the conservation of global environment-

WWF(World Wildlife Fund)is a worldwide group of conservating natural environment, working in over 100 countries all over the  world, in order to make the future where human beings can live in harmony with nature. When we say “global environment”, we would imagine pure blue ocean and sky, and rich green nature. We , acting with considering natural environment under the slogan “To Provie a Reliable Water and Air Supply and Sanitary Fixture “, approved of WWF’s ideology and cooperated with EARTH HOUR event hosted by WWF. EARTH HOUR is a social-good-project, which more than 180 countries…


“Sound of Vietnam Supported by TAKARA” bayfm Radio Broadcasting from March to May

Broadcast station:bayfm Broadcast Region:Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo and some parts of Kanto Province Broadcast Time:March – May / 2019  Title:”Sound of Vietnam Supported by TAKARA” DJ:Sone Yukie, Ueno Yuka, Yui Kawamura URL:!/live/BAYFM78      We have provided “Absolute Safety of Water and Air” from our foundation. Both water and Air are the most important essense for human life.     We have extended our activity to China, Vietnam and Myammar so as to instruct the technology we have developed since 1924. Although there exists so many countries in this world, we have been connected by the…


Visit Prime Minister of Socialist Republic of Vietnam Nguyen Xuan Phuc

On 5th of Februrary, the first day of the New Year of Vietnam,our president visited Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s house. The President of Danang Architecture University has previously introduced our company to the Prime Minister. He highly evaluated TAKARA’s contibution activity in Vietnam such as technology education and transferring at TAKARA seminor, and cultural Exchange both inside and outside the university, so he inveited us to his house this time.  On the condition that a lot of visitors such as ministers visited him in the new year, we were given a valuable and rare opportunity.…


Tet Countdown Event in Hoian

Hoian City , Vietnam, which has a living heritage village, held a New Year countdown event which also became a Japan-Vietnam cultural exchange, and we took part in it.  Pray for good business We participated in an event praying for business prosperity and pasting cards onto doors with walking around streets in Hoian Old Town starting at Japan-Vietnam Culture Space. Although all the streets were too crowded with citizens and tourists to walk around, we enjoyed so lively an event.  Countdown Stage New year Countdown Stage was held, the stage was composed of the performances by Japanese artists and Hoian…


71th Myanmar Independence Day Reception

We attended the 71th Myanmar Independence Day Reception Party held in Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. This is the 2nd invitation following last year, and this year all the Burmese engineers took part in.  2 years ago Ambassador Thurain Thant Zin visited our office, last year he held a commendation ceremony for having cooperated in Myanmar Festival 2018, and he and we are on good terms with each year. We will take part in Myanmar Festival 2019 which will be held in May.  


The 12th Asian International Children’s Film Festival

On Novermber 24 the 12th Asian International Children’s Film Festival was held in Kitami City, Hokkaido. This Film Festival is held every year on the aim to understand children’s sincere feelings and to share diversity of values among Asian countries. For the Festival children all over the Asia make home videos with the concept of “Let us put an endoscope into children’s hearts”. This year’s theme was “Self-Responsibility”. On our human resources education across countries, we think this Film Festival to be so valuable an opportunity so we participate every year. Before the Festival opening we visited…


HANOI HR × TAKARA Cultural Exchange Event

We held a Cultural-Exchange Event in Hanoi with an trainees belongging to HANOI HR who are going to come and work in Japan. A thousand of trainees welcomed us with emthusiasm and their discipline stimulated us. Many of them are supposed to live and work in Kanagawa Prefecture, so  Mr. Takano, a Director of International Promotion of International Affairs, Culture and Tourism Bureau of Kanagawa Prefectural Government  came and attended to the event. The President of HANOI HR said to us “Today we are having a very important event because it’s qute difficult to get chances of holding cultural-exchange event…