International Exchanges


Saitama × Myanmar Water Festival

Tsurugashima-City, Saitama is a village for Myanmar team at 2020 Tokyo Olympic .

Tsurugashima has a traditional event called “Suneori Amagoi(脚折雨乞)”, a country-selected  intangible folk culture asset,  in which the citizens pray for rain.  In the New Year of Myanmar(April), having the meaning of washing one year’s dirt and welcoming the new year, Water Festivals called “Thingyan” are held all over the country. In September 1st, we cooperated in the Water Festival held in Tsurugashima fusing Tsurugashima’s traditional event and Myanmar’s nation-wide event, on the purpose of interchaging between the citizens and Myanmar’s Olympic team on a advance camp.


(L) Myanmar Ambassador in Japan    (R) Burmese players for Olympic Judo games

Opening Ceremony

Japanese Artist UENO YUKA’s Performance

J-POP dance unit kolme’s performance