International Exchanges


Vietnam Festa in KANAGAWA

We did a second year’s attendance to Vietnam Festa in KANAGAWA held from September 6-9th. This Festa has been held every year since 2015 in order to enhance the mutual understanding and relationship between  Kanagawa and Vietnam,and to extend exchanges in multiple fields for the future. This year the representative of TAKARA Group attend the executive committee of the festival as the Vice Chairman of Da Nang University of Architecture, and we took part in the festival in a variety of fields.



Gala Dinner

Our Vietnamese staff served as Vietnamese MC.


Opening Ceremony


Closing Ceremony



Joint stall store with Vietnamese Embassy in Japan

We jointed the stall store with Vietnamese Embassy in Japan and served a famous noodle meal in the Central Vietnam calld “Mi Quang” which cannot be tried anywhere in Japan but the stall store and Hanoi-origined dipping noodles “Bun Cha”.


Water puppet show

Stage Performance

(L)Ambassador of Vietnam Festa in KANAGWA UENO YUKA

(R)Mi Quang Ambassador kolme


Theme Song “Blue/Ao”

“Blue/Ao” is the theme song for the friendship between Japan and Vietnam in Vietnam Festa in KANAGAWA, which tells that we should be the one overcoming various kinds of difference among countries  on the earth connected to one by the sea and the sky. 



We made ornaments for Kosha33 with the students of Kowa-gakuin. After that we decorated them, in which interns of Kanagawa prefecture also took part .

On the 2nd day of the festival some menber of DOORS, a volunteer circle in Waseda University, had a lecture program and told their experiences in Vietnam. Also volunteer members served as receptionists, guides, touts of  dressing experience in Aozai and Yukata, besides took questionaires.