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This fiscal year's TAKARA Seminar has been successful.
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The state of TAKARA Seminar in 2017


Interexchange between Kitada Seminor and TAKARA Seminor

Mr.Kitada, an associate professor of business administration and his seminor students studying CSR, to whom we introduced our CSR activities in his Seminor class on July 3rd, visit Da Nang. They had  an interchange event with TAKARA Seminor students to whom we tell the importance of sanitation facilities as our CSR.   Kitada Seminor students arranged the event and we spent a very enjoyable and fulfilling time.    EVENT CONTENTS ①Sushi-go-round Self Introduction ②Shodo Kitada Seminor students considered and gave Kanji name for TAKARA Seminor students and taught them how to write. ③Debate Theme : “About women’s work” “What…


Ceremony of appointment for Vice President of DAU

Our president has been appointed Vice President of Danag Architecture University, with agreements by all the professors and teachers, getting high evaluation for TAKARA seminor achievements for 5 years and the contribution to DAU. On 14th of February, when all the teachers gathered for clebralating a new year, the university held the ceremony of appointment for our representetive. As the Vice president, we feel tension and determination to play a role of being a cultural, political, and business bridge for the whole university, as well as technology education through TAKARA seminor.  We will strive for our…


The 5th Year of TAKARA Seminar Begin

The 5th year of TAKARA Seminar began on August 18th. This year’s seminar has 14 members in total, composing of 3 students from Architecture course and 11 students from Construction course. In the condition of Japan-Vietnam relationship becoming better and better,  we hope they will learn Japanese technology  as well as language and culture in order to play a leading role as the bridge between Japan and Vietnam. On the previous day, they took part in Hoian-Japan Festival. There we held an eve of the seminar.